View Full Version : SNES Cart save battery replacement

14th February 2014, 21:40
Hey guys,

Wondering if any of you out there has the knowledge to replace the save battery inside SNES carts as I have recently acquired one with a dead battery (my first one!) I can supply the battery itself and will pay for postage both ways. :thumbsup:


14th February 2014, 21:46
i can replace the battery for you,if you have the battery.

i dont have the tool to open the cartridge though if you have that, could you send that as well.

15th February 2014, 00:03
Oh awesome! Yeah I have the tool :) It probably won't be for awhile yet, I just wanted to know if anyone could do it :) I'll send you a PM nearer to the time to sort something out if that's ok with you? :thumbsup:

15th February 2014, 10:17
no probs, no rush.:)