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14th April 2010, 21:23
Well lads, since i don't want to spoil cwuest's thread http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php?t=5678 any more than i already did, here's a scan from the page he mentioned. I did ask if it was okay to up this by the way, and since permission was granted, here goes...


Sorry for messing up your thread there Craig, i'll edit my posts as much as possible.. :) Just wanted to show that there's been some very interesting people involved in using Amigas here :thumbsup:

21st April 2010, 03:02
Sorry, I've been tied up the past few days and couldn't respond. Thanks for posting this. I'll try to get some of the Robo City News issues pdf'd and posted over time. I don't mind an interview, but my recollection of things is getting a bit rusty. Let's see how it goes.