View Full Version : For Sale Various ATARI ST applications software

16th February 2014, 19:10

Please find below a list of original and tested software for the Atari ST. I am asking 3.50 per item lot plus P&P:-

a) PageStream v2.2 + fonts + CG Fonts1 + CG Fonts2 - (4 disks in total)
b) PageStream Atari Font Disk A + 3 + 4 - (3 disks in total)
c) PageStream v1.82 + fonts - (2 disks in total)
d) PageStream v2.1 + CG Fonts1 + CG Fonts 2 + PGS FONTS- (4 disks in total)

e) Timeworks Word Writer ST + dictionary - (2 disks in total)

f) MegaPaint II v2.23
g) MegaPaint II Prof. v4.0 - (4 disks in total)

h) VIP Technologies - Integrated spreadsheet v1.0

i) Prism Paint II

j) Flight Simulator II from subLOGIC

k) Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing!

l) KRAM v2.00 RAM Disc software

All software has been fully tested.