View Full Version : For Sale Atari ST MEGA STE TOS v2.06 32-PIN EPROMS

17th February 2014, 01:08
I have five sets of Atari ST TOS v2.06 32-pin EPROMS.

A choice of any language. Help given for fitting if required.

15.00 + P&P per set.

Atari STE TOS v2.06 specific features for reference

Last version of Atari TOS for the 68000 line
Many bug fixes
Atari logo display at boot-up
Automatic cold boot memory test
Support for 1.4MB diskettes
6ms step rate
Better media-change detection

"NewDesk" desktop gains features from Gribnif's NeoDesk, including:-

Definable keyboard shortcuts
Install programs/files/folders as icons on desktop
Install all available drives with one operation
Automatic fitting of icons to window
Configurable desktop and window colours
File and device icons
Single-operation copy/move and rename
Windows scrollable while files selected
"Select all" command
Programs start-able with function keys
Bypass program autostart by holding down Control key
Enter special characters with Alt-[numeric keypad] combinations
File search function
File masks support
Multiple desktop configurations
Directory list printing
Unsorted view
Resolution change with Alt-[number]
7 windows allowed
Bring-window-to-top function.
Friendliest and most stable version
Preferred choice for serious ST use.
Version 2.05 incorporated
features from TOS 3.05 to harmonize the two. AKA "Mega STE TOS"

17th February 2014, 12:59
Will these fit on a 1040STE ? Mine is UK/EU model.

17th February 2014, 13:12
Will these fit on a 1040STE ? Mine is UK/EU model.

Hi there. Yes they will.

24th February 2014, 19:13
Interested in one!

26th February 2014, 09:25
Payment received and a set sent. Thank you. :thumbsup:

26th February 2014, 14:17
Interested - one set. PM.

26th February 2014, 16:49
Payment done.

26th February 2014, 21:17
Many thanks. Payment received. Your hardware will be sent tomorrow :)

4th March 2014, 06:54
Got minne. No time to test it ATM though but im going to assume it works. Feedback left.

7th March 2014, 09:44
Feedback left. Thanks.

9th March 2014, 17:29
I'm interesting.

26th June 2014, 09:32
Hi, these are still available if anyone is interested.

26th June 2014, 22:47
Hi johnali3n, I'm interested in 1 set please, PM sent.


27th June 2014, 01:15
PM received, replied and payment sent.


27th June 2014, 13:19
Payment received, with thanks. Item will be sent today by first class post.

27th June 2014, 14:00
Are these a straight fit into an STe or do they require changing of jumpers / resistors?

27th June 2014, 14:06
Dependant on current jumper settings you might have to change the jumpers.

Please review the image below as reference for jumper settings:-


I supply 32-pin 27C1001 EEPROMS, so please look at the relevant jumper settings for your motherboard in the image above.

28th June 2014, 16:20
Received the ROMs today, great stuff. Feedback left.

Many Thanks,
Graham C

1st July 2014, 23:30
Are they STE only or will they run on a plain Mega ST? Thanks, Siegfried

2nd July 2014, 11:46
I can burn any version and any language of TOS you require - so please let me know which version your require for your MEGA ST and I will burn for you - same price. For the MEGA ST, the latest version of TOS you can have is TOS v1.04:-

TOS 1[edit (http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Atari_TOS&action=edit&section=5)]

1.0 (ROM TOS) Earliest version released on disk. First ROM release of TOS.

Formats: floppy, 2 chip and 6 chip ROMs (192 KB (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kilobyte))
Rom date: 20 Nov 1985
Machines: 520ST, 1040ST

1.02 (MEGA TOS) fixed bugs, supported Blitter (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blitter) co-processor and real-time clock.

Formats: 2 chip and 6 chip ROMs (192 KB)
Rom date: 22 Apr 1987
Machines: 520ST, 1040ST, Mega 2, Mega 4

1.04 (RAINBOW TOS) Many bug fixes, file selector changed, DOS-compatible disk formatting, much improved performance. However, compatibility problems with older software.

Formats: 2 chip and 6 chip ROMs (192 KB)
Rom date: 6 Apr 1989
Machines: 520ST, 1040ST, Mega 2, Mega 4, Stacy

1.06 (STE TOS, Revision 1) Support for STe machines only. Needed STE_FIX.PRG to patch bugs.

Format: 2 chip ROMs (256 KB)
Rom date: 29 Jul 1989
Machines: 520STE, 1040 STE

1.62 (STE TOS, Revision 2) bug fixes for the previous 1.06 STE TOS.

Format: 2 chip ROMs (256 KB)
Rom date: 1 Jan 1990
Machines: 520STE, 1040 STE

TOS 2[edit (http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Atari_TOS&action=edit&section=6)]

2.02 Early TOS release for Mega STE.
2.05 (Mega STE TOS) Only found in the Mega STE with 720K floppy drive.

Format: 2 chip ROMs (256 KB)
Rom date: 5 Dec 1990
Machines: Mega STE

2.06 (ST/STE TOS) Last TOS version for ST/STE computers. Bug fixes, 1.44 MB disk support, memory test. Adds GTP program support (GEM-Takes-Parameters). Greatly enhanced GEM GUI. IDE hard disk booting. Atari logo display at boot-up. Automatic cold boot memory test. Supports higher resolutions.

Format: 2 chip ROMs (256 KB)
Rom date: 14 Nov 1991
Machines: 520ST, 1040ST, 520STE, 1040STE

2.07 used on the Falcon prototype "FX-1"
2.08 used in notebook ST. ROM also contains some notebook-specific utilities: STTRANS (null-modem/ parallel-cable data transfer), power management tools, hard disk drive tools and drivers (AHDI, XHDI, BOOKINST and BOOKFMT) and a RAMdisk installer.

TOS 3[edit (http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Atari_TOS&action=edit&section=7)]

3.01, 3.05, 3.06 (TT TOS) Primarily for 68030 TT support only. Supports fast "TT RAM", special TT screen resolutions etc. ST-hardware-compatible "Line-A" API dropped for extended TT functionality, forcing programmers to use GEM-compliant VDI calls etc. and thus encouraging GEM-compatible (as opposed to ST-compatible) development.

Format: 4 chip ROMs (512 KB)

TOS 4[edit (http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Atari_TOS&action=edit&section=8)]
http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/e/ed/Tos492.png/256px-Tos492.png (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Tos492.png)
http://bits.wikimedia.org/static-1.24wmf7/skins/common/images/magnify-clip.png (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Tos492.png)
TOS 4.92 (with German language selected)

4.00, 4.01, 4.02, 4.04 (512 KB) Update for Falcon 030 machines only. 68030 only. Adds support for DSP, 16 MHz blitter and video overlay. New v3.40 AES (last single-tasking version, but MiNT/MultiTOS-multitasking-aware) supports: pop-up menus, 3D window and dialog objects (later modified to use more compatible ob_state flags instead of extended type), 256-colour "animated" icons, soft-loaded fonts, inter-app drag&drop, background window manipulation, extensible filesystems. New CPX module for international localisation configuration. V4.04 was the last official Atari version of TOS.
4.9x (4.92, 4.98) Never officially released, though prototypes were leaked and subsequently shared illegally.

TOS 4.92 was a version of MultiTOS, the Multitasking version of TOS, in a format (.img) which was designed to be written to a ROM chip. TOS 4 ROM contains five, user-selectable language versions.