View Full Version : For Sale 3.5 Inch Floppy Drives

17th February 2014, 03:50
Set of 4 Floppy Disk Drives

1 x Sony - PartNo: MPF-920
2 x Samsung - PartNo: SFD-321B Rev TS
1 x Panasonic - PartNo: JU256A888P

All working 100% but none have been thouroughly tested.

$5 AUD each or all 4 for $15 + postage/transfer fees.

Will ship worldwide at buyers cost. Paypal or bank deposit accepted (buyer covers cost of any fees).

17th February 2014, 05:15

do you know if they can be made to fit and work in Amiga 3000 ?


17th February 2014, 06:13
I think they are PC FDD and not Amiga....they can work probably using a Catweasel MK2 but they won't fit in the A3000 case.

17th February 2014, 06:26
Just added model info to my post....

The Sony and Samsung drives look compatible...I have downloaded pdf files which describe how to mod both drives for use in Amgas.

18th February 2014, 05:25
I have the Sony drive, recently tested it on 1 of my 1200's, it didnt work (the activity light lit, but didnt read disks...physically the drive looks OK). I assume however, it is not modified....so thats not to say it wont work modified as per the OP!