View Full Version : For Sale Vintage Macintosh complete system collection

17th February 2014, 11:25
This post is for an amazing complete set for the macintosh classic

- Macintosh Classic Computer model number M0420

- Apple Keyboard II M0487

- ADB Mouse G5431, along with apple mousepad

- Apple Image Writer II with original perforated paper and also new in box Parana Apple image writer

- Carrying bag for the Macintosh Classic along with other items

- Apple System Peripheral Cable in original box

- Manauls:
#1. Setting Up, Getting Started with floppy
#2. Features, Reference, HyperCard with floppies
#3. Important Documents and Details

- WriteNow 2.2 with manual and floppies
- Superpaint with manual and floppy
- Record Holder Plus with manual and floppy
- Full Impact (Ashton Tate) with manual and floppies

- 3.5 in Floppy file case

Asking $550 +shipping
Close offers excepted
Only U.S. Shipping sorry