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26th February 2014, 15:42
Looking for a full set of the above, preferably in binders.

Let me know what you have...

Thanks! :thumbsup:

26th February 2014, 15:44
I've got advanced and its prequel.

Both sets in binders.

26th February 2014, 15:52
Thanks - I have the original 24-set of The Home Computer Course already.

Would you let me know what price for the Advanced ? (I know P&P will be quite hefty because of the weight...) :roll:

26th February 2014, 22:58
There are eight volumes which tallies with the index.

What doesn't tally with the index is that there are supposed to be pages 1681 to 1920 in volume eight.

Mine only has up to pages 1900!! Now as far as I can remember I didn't miss any issues and looking through the alphabetical index there is no reference to any pages after 1900.

So I can only assume this was a misprint.

Each volume weighs 1Kg.

PM on route.

27th February 2014, 18:00
Pictures as promised :thumbsup:

The top edges are a bit marked by dust but should clean off.

I've had a quick flick through them and the odd page or two has some light marks on them. Have a look at picture P2270082 for an example of what I mean.

27th February 2014, 22:22
No probs with any of that. Will send payment tomorrow as agreed! :)

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27th February 2014, 22:23
No probs with any of that. Will send payment tomorrow as agreed! :)

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I'll mark the thread as Found.

Thanks, Dave G

28th February 2014, 18:08
Payment received.

Courier will be booked for Wednesday.

Thanks :thumbsup:

5th March 2014, 17:47
These were collected by the courier just before dinner.

Hopefully they will be with you by the weekend.

13th March 2014, 12:10

According to MyHermes these were delivered a few days ago.

Can you confirm please?

14th March 2014, 09:52
Hi, yes sorry, definitely have arrived.

But as they're at my mum's house (sending to mine would have meant a loooong wait before I could have picked them up from the depot) I have not picked them up yet - good news is that I'm due to visit there this evening! :)

Will let you know.


16th March 2014, 00:46
Great stuff!

Positive Feedback left - thanks again! :thumbsup: