View Full Version : Closed 2U/1U/Flex PSU

17th April 2010, 10:19
I wonder if anyone's got a spare 2U PSU kicking about that I could buy from them? (1U and Flex, possible options)

Something like: http://www.powersuppliesonline.co.uk/public/ranges/images/859/SS-400H2U_250.jpg would be ideal.
(more piccies (http://www.power-on.com/images/product/ssi/eps2u400.jpg))

The one above is a Seasonic SS-400H2U and @ 400W is rather more than I need - 175+W would do me fine. This one has the advantage of a remote-on switch and doesn't require a minimum power-draw to function, though neither is a requirement.

The 'hole' is about LxWxD 270x75x100mm - L & D 'negotiable', smaller is also ok. W is the absolute maximum.

It's not intended for a 'standard' installation so if you do happen to have such a beastie I'd be grateful for measurements / photos (or a link).

Thanks very much!