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27th February 2014, 19:58
Thinning out my collection so i can get more of what i want so I am selling all these games (around 130 games and more if i can find them) in one big bundle.

This would be good for any collector or if your just starting out on the ZX Spectrum. Most of the cover tapes are loose without any cases.

I am asking £50 for the games and £10 for postage as the box is big and heavy as you can imagine.

A Question Of Sport
A View To A Kill
Angle Ball
Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes
Ball Blazer
Barbarian (Psygnosis)
Beau-Jolly Value Pack (Cosmic Cruiser, B.C Bill, Pedro, Zzoom, Zip-Zap, Alchemist)
Caesar The Cat
Camelot Warriors
Carrier Command
Cauldron 1 & 2
Chubby Gristle
Computer & Video Games Issue 88 : Brainstorm
Crash Presents 1989 December 12 (Cosmic Wartoad, Super Stuntman, Incredible Shrinking Fireman, Gazza's Super Soccer(demo), Hyperlane, Loco-Motion, Deja Vu)
Crash Presents 1990 January 01 : Split Personalities, Winter Wonderland, Stars & Stripes, Treasure Island Dizzy 2 (Dizzy 2 Crash Special Edition), Action Biker
Crash Presents 1990 June 06 : Gunrunner, Super Com, Mango Jones, Talking Hedz
Crash Presents 1991 February 02 (Light Force, Hypa Raid, Omega Zone, Top Cat (demo), SWIV (demo) Dizzy 3 and a half, NARC (demo), Mel Croucher's Chrismas Party (soundtrack), Specimen, Talisman)
Cricket Captain
Defenders Of The Earth
Digger Dan
Doc The Destroyer
Dun Darach
Edd The Duck
Eddie Kid's Jump Challenge
El Cid
Everyone's a Wally
F-15 Strike Eagle
Finders Keepers
Formula 1 Simulator
Geoff Capes Strongman
Ghostbusters 2 (x 2)
Glider Rider
Grange Hill
I Of The Mask
International Rugby Simulator
Jockey Wilson’s Darts Challenge
Jonah Barrington's Squash
Kat Trap
Kobyashi Naru
Kwix Snax
Lazer Wheel
Learning with Leeper
Level 5
Master Chess
Mind Games American Football
Mind-Stretchers: Monopoly/Scrabble/Cluedo
Mission Omega
Ninja Master
Nodes of Yesod 128k
Olli & Lisa
Pi R Squared
Power Pyramids
Pro Skateboard Simulator
Professional Ski Simulator
Project Stealth Fighter
Pulse Warrior
Raw Recruit
Rigel's Revenge
Road Runner And Wile E Coyote
Robin Of Sherlock
Sceptre Of Baghdad
Scooby Doo And Scrappy Doo
Seabase Delta
Sinclair User : Double Hits 5
Sinclair User : The Great 8 – 19
Sinclair User Double Hits 02 : Super Soccer, Adidas Championship Soccer (demo) (X2)
Sinclair User Great Eight 01 : Viz (demo), Desperado, Dynamite Dan 2, Surcicor, Temple Of Terror, Goldmine, Goldmine (Sam Coupe Only)
Sinclair User Great Eight 02 : Predator (demo), Rommel's Revenge, Return Of The Things, Mean Streak, Halls Of Things, Invasion Of The Body Snatchas!
Sinclair User Megatape 01 : Zarjas, 19 (demo)
Sinclair User Megatape 02 : Bear Go !, Bard's Tale (demo)
Sinclair User Megatape 06 : Astrclone, Virus (demo), Motobike Madness (demo) Barbarian 2 (demo)
Sinclair User Megatape 10 : Finders Keepers, Spellbound, Knight Tyme, Techno Cop (demo)
Sinclair User Megatape 12 : Blob The Cop, Xenon (demo)
Sinclair User Megatape 20 : Double Take, Cabal (demo)
Sinclair User Megatape 25 : Death Zone, Space Harrier 2 (demo)
Sinclair User Twelve Pack 01 : Double Dare (demo), Hyperland +, Ceasefire, Highway Encounter, Collision Course, Revolution, Out For The count, Android Two, Enigma Tape Magazine Issue 8, EnigEd
Spectrum Computing No. 9
Sports Hero
Star Farce
Star Wars Droids
Survival (X 2)
The Games: Winter Edition
The Hobbit
The Real You ?
Trivial Pursuit Genus Edition
Turbo The Tortoise
TV Special (The Kripton Factor, Every Second Counts, Blockbusters)
War In Middle Earth
World Cricket
Yabba Dabba Doo
Your Sinclair : The Magnificent 7 – 6
Your Sinclair Four Pack 01 : Ivan Stewart's Off Road (demo), Feud, Tau Ceti, Rebel
Your Sinclair Six Pack 01 : Biggles, Earth Shaker, Switchblade (demo), Dun Darach, Back To The Future 3 (demo)
Your Sinclair Smash Tape 02 : Road Race
Your Sinclair Smash Tape 05 : Moley Chistmas
Your Sinclair Smash Tape 06 : Blind Panic (x 2)
Your Sinclair Smash Tape 07 : People From Sirius
Your Sinclair Smash Tape 13 : Movie, Tomcat (demo), Shanghai Warriors (demo)
Your Sinclair Smash Tape 14 : Alien Evolution, Stormlord (demo), Last Duel (demo)
Your Sinclair Smash Tape 16 : Survivor, Pac-Land (demo) (X 2)
Your Sinclair Smash Tape 24 : Wonderboy
Your Sinclair Smash Tape 30 : Samurai, Scramble Spirits (demo)
Your Sinclair Smash Tape 32 : Fernandez Must Die, YS Capers
Your Sinclair Smash Tape 33 : Rebel Star 2, Back To The Future 2 (demo)
Your Sinclair Smash Tape 34 : Dustin, Cybernoid 2 (demo)

27th February 2014, 22:46
here is a pic of all the games already in the box without the packing.

http://i1244.photobucket.com/albums/gg576/preston1975/2014-02-27213239_zpsc419ca97.jpg (http://s1244.photobucket.com/user/preston1975/media/2014-02-27213239_zpsc419ca97.jpg.html)

1st March 2014, 22:36
can you close this please as i am going to make these into packs of games and sell them like that ... cheers