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27th February 2014, 21:04
Whenever I see screen shots of classicwb they usually have a background ( the tick logo and a few others seem popular) are these included? All I seem to be able to find are the ones in prefs/patterns that all seem to be marble tiles. Its the advsp version I have installed iirc. Getting slightly bored of my purple copper background now as I've had it for years.

27th February 2014, 21:10
hi have a look here for some nice backgrounds


or use google


28th February 2014, 00:32
The Classic Workbench backgrounds are theme options you choose during installation/activation however they should reside somewhere in the package, I will check for you and report back! Which version of CWB are you using and what resolution? (PAL High Res or PAL High Res LACED)

28th February 2014, 01:54
I like to keep my wallpaper simple, it helps with color mapping of the icons (eg stops funny things happening).

I've got a whole bunch of 640x512 images, I'll try and remember to upload them.

28th February 2014, 03:56
@Nova: mind to click somewhere from Amplifier so I can see how much Chip RAM still left?