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28th February 2014, 15:17

I may have an opportunity to acquire an Amstrad PCW 8256. Unfortunately, there are no software included with it whatsoever, and, having no proper rom to speak of, it'll be difficult to know whether the machine works at all.

For what I know, a turned on PCW without floppy in the disk drive won't display anything significant on screen. And I presume that none of my cpc disks would be recognized, for I suppose some kind of auto-boot scheme must be present in the disk.

Besides, there is no keyboard provided either, but that's another story.

So I'll be interested in almost any software, be it game of otherwise, that could help me be sure this nice Joyce is in working order.


P.S: can the floppy boot itself directly, or a keyboard is mandatory ?

28th February 2014, 15:59
I have metropolis 3.5" disc game sealed. I can let you have that for 1.50 plus postage

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Postage should be 3.50

3rd March 2014, 09:27
Well, too late. The guy has put the PCW 8256 in the trash :-(

But I'd be willing to buy your game anyway. I guess I'll finally manage to get my hands on a Joyce one day...

PM sent...

3rd March 2014, 16:25

3rd March 2014, 23:28
Well, it seems to be a 5"1/4 floppy based PC game.
Seems wholy unrelated with a PCW 8256...

Unless I'm mistaken, I'm no longer interested then.

3rd March 2014, 23:33
You're quite right, my bad:oops: