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4th March 2014, 16:09

Looking for an AWE32 soundcard.

I am aware there are a number of variations however I am looking for a full length card that contains the RAM banks, MIDI extension adaptor and complete creative chip-set.

Look forward to hearing from someone with one, and is willing to trade / sell.

Thanks and regards.

4th March 2014, 16:40
What do you mean with complete Creative Chipset?

4th March 2014, 20:17

Some of the cards made by creative managed to have hardware acceleration built In by way of having a CSP chip directly soldered on to the pcb of the card. Other models only offered a socket where the processor chip can be aquired separately as an option.

I'm looking for an AWE32 which has this chip built in, alongside the MIDI port and RAM banks.

Do you have or know of this card?


4th March 2014, 21:05
I think that the ASP chip was only optional in the SB16, but I'm no expert. The one i have is a CT2760, something like this:


4th March 2014, 21:46
Will PM.

12th March 2014, 20:57
Travelling soon on business, will not be able to complete any transaction before I leave.

Please close this thread thanks.