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7th March 2014, 13:51
hello trying to upgrade the cpu in this machine.
looking at something in the range of Core 2 duo (1066fsb) E7500, E7600, E6800.

so around the 3Ghz stock range. 2.9-3.3
this board does not allow adjusting of the FSB at all so i need to try and eek out the most i can from the stock cpu.
does not support quad core unfortunatly.
lga 775.

the board has an update to the bios and cpu micro code, so ut can support. CPU IDs 6F6, 6F2,
6FD, 10676, and 1067A

prior to the update it would only support up to a "Intel Core 2 Duo E6700"

Due to the updated micro code It could even support E8xxx cpu's But Only if they were 1066Fsb.

any way prefereably 45nm tech if possible. but not that fussy about it.
Speed i would really want it in the 3ghz ball park as mentioned.
it must be 1066 Fsb.
E6xx E7xx or E8xx cpu's which meet the requirements will be considered,

i currently have an E6400 installed in it. and will happily trade out this cpu for a upgrade. i will add some money to the trade too.
and i have a 8400gs low profile card here if you would want that as well.
or just moneys..
let me know.:thumbsup:

8th March 2014, 16:20
got a E7600 on feebay. (pretty cheap too)

thread can be closed now :thumbsup: