View Full Version : Wanted Want to Dismantle :) GVP 64Pin 4MB or 16MB SIMM

7th July 2008, 03:58

Indeed couldn't resist it, (the title... :roll: )

Okay... after a few talks and chats with people whom bought a GVP Jaws or Jaws II and as we all know getting the memory SIMMS is not only next to impossible, it is also damn expensive!!!

well in this day and age this shouldn't be!! especially when one can buy the components at less that a 10th of the cost!!!

So I am appealing on behalf of GVP JAWS owners out there, if anyone could donate a 4MB or 16MB 64PIN GVP SIMM for me to... dismantle record the design and then rebuild it.

The process SHOULDN'T destroy the SIMM, however i cannot guarantee this, but, the data I gather will allow me to develop clone boards of the memory VERY cheaply, and of course the donor of the SIMM will get not only a replacement should the original be destroyed, but also another clone SIMM

I will also post the finding of this project on Aminet as well as on other forum sites, so if anyone is feeling generous just reply here :D

30th July 2008, 17:52
Just a little bump :)

could include a cash incentive ;) :D

30th July 2008, 20:03
Hrmph. I have two 4MB GVP SIMMs on my A1230 Turbo+ Series II, but I'm reluctant to part with one of them unless I can find a 16MB replacement... or better yet, two 16MB replacements! :lol: If/when I do find the 16MB SIMM(s) I'll be more than happy to pass along a 4 mb module to you... :)

3rd September 2008, 14:48
I really appreciate that pkillo :)

(also serves as a bump :D)

4th October 2008, 15:50
I have eight 64pin simms..

P/N: 10021174 0A

I do not know if these would be compatible - do you know Zetr0 :?: or would you like one to play with :)

4th October 2008, 16:16
be aware people i can remember there were some 64pin simms that looked like GVP simms . They were not volt compatible though as they came for printers and stuff .. so i would try to tack down some information about imnogeekĘs simms before putting it in my acc ... But one can only hope they are compatible...

4th October 2008, 16:19

Hello there, thank you for replying to the thread.

From my research thus far the GVP cards only use 4 OR 16MB 64pin Custom SIMM's, these are not to be confused with Apples 64Pin varient as the pinout is completely different.

Coze has helped me out with some 4MB sticks to disassemble and re-build and in truth it wont hurt if you have one or two spare for comparison and perhaps conversion ? :)

all info is good info.

again thanks for your help. where about are you based?

4th October 2008, 17:02
I am based on Leics/Derbys border Near Ashby de la Zouch.

8th October 2008, 13:19
Zetr0 - do you want a couple of these popping in the post?? FOC :)

8th October 2008, 18:44
yes please my friend, infact I would like a couple of your "CentreCOM 210T Twisted pair tranceiver" which i replied to in another post :D

wanna lump 'em all together and run me a bill and I can pay pal you some of those wonderfull golden beer tokens :D

9th October 2008, 11:37

since you are pretty skilled with electronic stuff have you noticed there's an schematic for using 4MB simms as 64pin GVP simms on Aminet? Perhaps with your electronics knowledge could find a way to convert 16MB simms into GVP ones.

Or perhaps you could build some kind of adaptor.

Maybe it would be possible to do 4 small cards with connections like GVP simms that include cables to a small board with a simm socket for a 16MB/64MB simm. A pair of jumpers could be used to activate 1,2,3 or the 4 virtual gvp simms (for GVP cards with only 2 or 3 gvp simm sockets).


9th October 2008, 22:01

hello there, first let me thank you for kind words :)

I have reviewed the files on Aminet that you link to, infact I have a huge A2 prinout of whats in the package, however its missing some inportant information that I could use.

I looked into making a 72pin SIMM adapter, unfortauntely there is not enough room to make one fit inside a desktop model A1200, perhaps A2000 upgrade though.

My plan is simple thought.. research, revise and then re-implement. my hope is to get SIMM boards manufactured very cheaply and have a lot of them made, say atleast 100, and then populate them with chips and sundry and sell them on for cost :)

I plan to re-use memory chips from 72pin SIMMs both 4 and 16mb to keep costs at an absolute LOW

9th October 2008, 23:34
@ Zetr0
I plan to re-use memory chips from 72pin SIMMs both 4 and 16mb to keep costs at an absolute LOW

if you want a stock of chips I have a silly amount of 72 pin simms which are at your disposal, FOC :)

9th October 2008, 23:54
@ Zetr0
I plan to re-use memory chips from 72pin SIMMs both 4 and 16mb to keep costs at an absolute LOW

if you want a stock of chips I have a silly amount of 72 pin simms which are at your disposal, FOC :)

You need to get to know us better; most of us have UBER amounts of various types of memory in our stocks / junkpiles / whatever...... :mrgreen:

I have two old sticks of 166-pin PC-66 memory from a Compaq Armada 4000 series laptop, they are about the right era and memory speed for Miggy applications, but I can't find anything out about the pinouts, could you help me out here? The Compaq part number is 218071-001 if that helps.

10th October 2008, 12:13
The Compaq part number is 218071-001 if that helps.
This part no. shows 16mb (2 x 8mb) 70ns non parity, not sure on pin outs but the chip no. may help

most of us have UBER amounts of various types of memory in our stocks
I was thinking more for the project mentioned where a stock of the same chip may help eg...

IBM B1D13600A 4mb EDO (1mb x 36) with 12 chips on each, Qty 36 = 432 identical chips

10th October 2008, 16:20

Do you have any detailed specs of a GVP 4mb and if so can you let me know please?

11th October 2008, 01:01

not yet.... but I WILL :lol:

and when I do, I will post these details far and wide..... and also on Aminet LOL....

I will then put up a complete pinout datagram, and I think from this it should be possible to work out the 16mb version (we shall see)

to which I will also post, with complete eagle files to make your own, or atleast have the PCB's made for you on the cheap.

Hopefully, it would be nice to see the difference of the Apple 64pin standard and the GVP 64pin standard see if its possible to convert these with out to much fuss....

13th October 2008, 08:06
If you think 64pin simm is weird, just look at THIS http://amiga.resource.cx/photos/gforce3040 :twisted:

it have 68pin layout 8)
Lucky me i have it fully populated.

btw how its goin zetr0 ?

13th October 2008, 14:35
Unfortunately University is whipping my a$$ at the moment, being the roll-on year for my MSc theres a ton of work,

My hope is to get a weekend soon :)... oh... that would be nice.....

heres the main reason why my time is so eaten up...

I get up at 04:30am make breakfast for me and wifie, cycle into town for 06:00 (its a few miles from my house)

get the 06:15 bus to the city, get off the bus at 08:15 get the next bus to University get at univeristy at 08:45 lectures start at 09:00

now I get home on average 18:30 - 19:30 pending on traffic and any extra work I may of put in... last Thursday I got home at 20:15... that was a looong day.... you know its a good thing i suffer insomnia LOL i would never be able to get the time to fit it all in LOL.

anyway I do the above 4-5 days a week pending on group seminars etc.

I think worse thing of it all, is that I have my work area preped and ready for much hackery... but it sits there in its little pool of light without any time for me to do anything... sigh.... a weekend soon.... must have one :)

16th October 2008, 18:01
@ZetrO: do you still need GVP simms? I have a couple, and since i also have Blizzard cards (which accept more memories), i could donate you GVP simms for you to futher investigation if that helps in any way

If you are interested, let me know please, send me a PM with you address and i will send you the simms



16th October 2008, 18:14
Seb you are a star sir, I would love to give them a look over,

Coze has sent me a couple of 4MB and Imnogeek has sent me a couple of 32MB Apple Simms for scrutiny :D

I really appreciate all your help and consul in this thread my friends, I really do :D

16th October 2008, 18:36
@ Zetr0 did you get the pdf document I attached with PM?

16th October 2008, 19:27
Actually my friend I didnt, I was going to mention that.

Been a little under the weather lately, trying hard to catchup :)

16th October 2008, 19:30
PM your email address and I will send them

26th March 2009, 10:57
any news wit this project?

26th March 2009, 12:04
I have some picies,

will post tonight :)

26th March 2009, 19:03
I also have some 64pin memory here. Doubtfully they are GVP ones (probably printer or Mac ones). But the SIMM pin space is the same and so is the notch. I also download the GVP hack long ago.

I was thinking the very same thing a couple of weeks back: hack those buggers to duplicate GVP units. :)

Shame I don't have a hot air rework station at hand. But if Eagle have the library to 64 pin SIMM I can make some 4Mb units too.

20th May 2010, 16:16
As I am on the hunt for a GVP 4mb simm, I stumbled across this thread when searching.

By any chance, has there been further development?


21st May 2010, 00:04
Hiyas Matt

I have done a write up of my research but its on paper atm... lol more like scribbles... I will see what I can putup =)

19th April 2013, 11:43
It's been a while since the last post in this thread...
I acquired one Jaws II card and got only one 4MB SIMM which is a little bit on the edge of usability.
Did anyone succeeded in cloning 4MB or even better 16MB GVP SIMM?
I did find doc about converting 72-pin SIMM on aminet, and was thinking about trying to convert one 4MB SIMM, but I don't like the idea of soldering on board PCB. I was thinking about making a 72pin to 64pin adapter with ribon cable between, but for that purpose I would need a 64pin SIMM which fits in memory slot. Does anyone have a spare 64pin SIMM. Could be broken GVP/apple/whatever that fits, doesn't matter as I would only use it's PCB.
I would appreciate any help and other people's experiences with this project. Thanks.

19th April 2013, 13:58
I keep promising myself to finish this project off.

In fact every time AndyLandy and I are on the phone this project gets mentioned -

I have some writeups for the 4MB SIMM, I will get the 16MB one done as well and see how much getting several 4MB / 16MB sticks will be.