View Full Version : Wanted VME Video Card

9th March 2014, 03:12
Hello All,

I've had my Mega STE now for about 3 months, very happy with!!
Purchased an UltraSatan for it..ooooohhhh...can't wait till it comes to my house!!!!

So, the next thing I would llike to get for it is a good video card....which has been nearly impossible to find!!

What I'm looking for is any one of the following:

Matrix: Any of theirs! Particularly the MatGraph 1208E
Computerinsel: Super Nova, Super Nova Plus
Crazy Dots II
CyReL Sunrise M16-1280 (http://gfa.atari-users.net/TT030/img/m16_1280.jpg)
AlbertTT 1.2

I've looked all over E-Bay, US, UK, and DE!!
I'd even be willing to give my SC1224 monitor as part of the payment! :)

Thanks everybody!!

Looking forward to messages in my in box!!