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10th March 2014, 14:09
Intel LGA775 Q6600 quad core processor

Does anyone have one of these older little beauties knocking around (including a fan and heatsink would be a bonus too).

Looking to move away from my E2160.


10th March 2014, 16:10
You can use Xeon processors in most LGA775 motherboards. They are much cheaper and only need minor modifications to work.
Just updated my computer with E5450.

More info:

10th March 2014, 16:44
i can confirm xeon also.

got a 3ghz E5450 really cheap on ebay BIN

my mobo asus p5kpl-se with 701 bios

works and detects xeon ok (complains to update bios but no newer bios available), benchmarks prove xeon is working all 4 cores at 3ghz.

you have to cut with a stanley knife the proccesor socket notches off and fit a tiny pin altering sticker on the cpu.

I thought i would give it a blast and it worked 1st go :)

now my pentium D that ran at 65c under load now runs a Xeon at 34c underload :) well chuffed.

10th March 2014, 18:26
I recently updated to q9550. It's a beast!

10th March 2014, 18:55
i do like my q6600 lots.
didnt want to go the xeon rout as an upgrade though. think il let it live its life out then go for a high end i5 anything less than that and it really isnt an upgrade form a Q6600 "unless you use onboard gpu"
(incedentaly i have it running stable at 3.6Ghz with air cooling.)

i had thought about getting a xeon to replace the q6600, then putting the q6600 in this dc7700 but i could only find 1 person saying they were able to use the Q6600 in it and every one els seemd to say they couldnt, so i just went for an E7600 instead,

The Q6600 is a really good cpu, if you have a higer end board that can run at 1600 FSB as standard (my Abit quad gt can) then its a breeze to overclock. 400Fsb with 1:1 on the ram (800mhz ddr2) and just get the voltages and cooling right and your looking at 3.6Ghz stable from what was a very inexpensive cpu even when released (for the life it has given me)

i should have an E6400 spare in the next week or so, but i dont know how much of an upgrade that would be for you. and they are quite inexpensive on ebay as BIN any way,

10th March 2014, 19:27

10th March 2014, 20:23
Q6600 is a nice CPU for the price.

Mine ran without problems at 3.2Ghz on air cooling :thumbsup:


13th March 2014, 14:50
Hi Amibay,

Can be closed, I found one from a little known auction site.