View Full Version : Closed Megadrive 2 (MDII) PSU

12th March 2014, 21:15
Hi, I am after a Megadrive 2 PSU (UK Plug) for the WonderMega I bought off Fitzsteve. Unfortunately I made the assumption it would be the MD1 PSU I needed :lol:

Not too worried if I need to buy the MD2 console with it.

13th March 2014, 14:48
Found a suitable replacement on the otherbay with a bit more mA than the standard MDII PSU :thumbsup:

13th March 2014, 16:09
excellent news, I can call off the hunt:lol:

13th March 2014, 16:48
Yup, sorry BB I forgot to send a PM letting you know :oops: