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9th July 2008, 05:44
FS: Amiga 500plus + GVP A530 maxed out!

Lately I got back to amiga. Bought several A500`s but still seemed to lack decent AGA-Amiga. Focus is on A1200+030/040-turbo that you can offer for exchange.

So Im possibly selling this EXCELLENT package:

*Amiga 500 plus
-2MB CHIP with external switcher 1/2MB CHIP
-Kickstart 1.3 & 2.1 with keyboard-switcher
-clock battery taken of from MB and moved to ext.battery
-Excellent condition, no visible yellow color

***SOLD*** GVP A530
-030@50MHz & 882@50/MHz
-4GB IBM SCSI-HD (installed)
-for spare: Seagate Medalist 4GB & original 100MB Quantum LPS
-Internal fan changed to new silent one
-Excellent condition, no visible yellow color
-GVP original PSU

*A500 PSU

Whole package will be available in few weeks, after I have transferred my VBS-backups to PC!
Location Finland.

Ed meega: "possibly selling" is not allowed, neither is "in a few weeks" ... this forum category is only for items that are available.

9th July 2008, 09:15
Hi Chrome,

The rules on here are that you must state a price for your item as we are not an auction site. We would also request that any trading be carried out within this thread and not via personal e-mail, that way we can mediate if there is a dispute. Anyone expressing an interest in your item should also do so in the thread to prevent bid trumping and gazumping of offers. As long as your e-mail address is in your profile, you should not need to post it in your offer.

I would recommend that you familiarise yourself with our site rules and amend your offer accordingly please.



9th July 2008, 11:51
Oh, sorry.

asking price added and profile updated. Thanks for guidance :)