View Full Version : Found Looking for 4 x 1mb low profile sims to be used on Marpet kit for stfm

15th March 2014, 20:09
As the title says looking for 4 tested sims that can be used with Marpet XtraRamDeluxe memory module.
I got this kit sometime back and since finally found the time and repaired/updated my old atari 1040 stfm
it's time to give him some more love.
Pm me including p&p to Athens Greece.

Thank you.

17th March 2014, 13:14
Offer received from member johnali3 and payment send.

17th March 2014, 13:15
Offer received from member johnali3 and payment send.

In that case to be within the rules he should say so within this thread :double

17th March 2014, 13:32
Sorry, I didn't see this thread as I received a message from my thread in the FOR SALE section.

SIMMS being sent today.

17th March 2014, 13:42

I can't seem to find that thread but as you've posted within this thread it doesn't matter now.

Thanks for the update