View Full Version : Closed ZX81 16k upgraded, Composite video, Boxed, TODAY ONLY

22nd March 2014, 11:23
Simply put, I need some cash today so am willing to part with one of these for 60 plus shipping. (Normally I would be selling for 99)
Has been professionally upgraded by TC to 16k and fitted with ZXC8-CCB Video mod for composite video, all works well and as it should.
Comes with box/polys, cassette leads, psu, manual and catalogue.
Shown working and proving im naff at flight sims!
Dimensions (so you can work out your own shipping) are 1.4kg 36x22x10cm

This offer will end at midnight tonight!

23rd March 2014, 11:15
Offer over, no takers. Mods please close this thread