View Full Version : Closed AMIGA TDI MODULA 2 commercial version

Shaun Scott
23rd April 2010, 06:15
How about this for very very rare, obscure even...

A boxed copy of TDI's MODULA 2 compiler for the AMIGA.

This is the COMMERCIAL version, that is it has one more disk than the developer version, that disk has TDI's source for their interfaces to various AMIGA libraries. It is OLD!! ( 1986 :blink:) covering AmigaDOS 1.2 but you can use it to write your own interfaces to newer libraries very very readily.

The other two disks are just the same as the developer version, which includes the post mortem debugger, editor, compiler etc.

I am sticking with my Benchmark Modula 2, the editor is ghastly but the debugger is much more useful than the TDI one, so this is up for sale.

U.K. = 30 pounds including postage.
Europe = 35 pounds including postage.
America/rest of the World = 40 pounds including postage.