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27th March 2014, 21:05
As i just missed a few anotherbay auctions, I am looking for

Atari TT030 - accessory as a mouse, keyboard, memory upgrade, gfx, and so... are not neccessary, but are welcome...

Any additional questions? any offers? Feel free to PM me...

many thanks,

28th March 2014, 04:20
I have one with 8MB memory and a separate keyboard. I'm not sure about the HDD size but I can check it out.

Just let me know what kind of pics of the computer you would like to see and I'll have them for you during the weekend along with my offer.

28th March 2014, 08:22
Happy to hear this...

I suppose that it is in full working order and there is no crack nor something similar on the case. What about yellowing? Is it english version? (keyboard, TOS) Can you , please check size of that harddrive as well?

About pictures - I have no idea - what about front, back, perspective from both sides, pic of inside and keyboard?

I am looking forward to your pics and offer

many thanks,

28th March 2014, 09:54
I took a look at it last weekend and it worked fine - the HD is a bit noisy but I recall that some old drives were noisy from the start.. The previous owner has removed plastic from the rear fan cover but apart from that I didn't notice anything specific upon inspection. I'd say it's turned somewhat yellow as those old computers tend to get, but hopefully the pictures will help in deciding how it looks to your eyes.

The keyboard is German (as most TT's seem to have), TOS in English.

I'll get the maching up and running tomorrow and will send you a PM with the pictures and also the verified HD size.

15th April 2014, 20:23
TT030 received, feedback left...

many thanks again...

I think that thread can be closed