View Full Version : Closed IBM Model F / XT Keyboard

29th March 2014, 19:05
Wanted for my 5150 which I can't use.

As title, must at least be working and relatively un-damaged.

17th June 2014, 01:38
Still looking

I have items / systems I can trade (sinclair, amstrad, some old PC stuff etc)

7th July 2014, 22:45
STILL Looking! Please someone help me complete my 5150 :-)

11th July 2014, 00:07
Hi, the other bay, that dare not speak its name has one of these currently and its in the UK, just saying like! BIN as well.

11th July 2014, 11:57
Thanks :) I saw that one... it's just slightly more than I'd want to pay though :-( Around 30 would be ideal really.