View Full Version : Closed Atari 520 STE - Plus Software and 2MB Upgrade

18th April 2014, 19:38
Good Evening Amibayers

Today I am selling an Atari 520 STE, TOS 1.62 which has been upgraded to 2MB as shown in the screenshot via sysinfo

As you can see the unit is in good condition with slight yellowing on the case and keys.

Disk Drive is fully working as I loaded Final Fight and Protracker STE to show

There is a software bundle included with the unit,power lead and RF Lead - Which include some educational titles, Robocop 2 (In Robocop case?), Rick Dangerous, Jimmy Whites, Lure of the Temptress and Sports Games.

Price is 40.00 + plus Postage and Packaging

Thanks for Looking :thumbsup:

20th April 2014, 10:53
After questioning Paradroid90 about this, we have ascertained the following;

Paradroid90 explained that this is not the same computer he had received for free, it is his own one that he bought on Amibay some time previously, which he has retro-brighted and restored. This has been substantiated by another member, from whom he purchased the original 520.

The Atari he received for free was in better condition, cosmetically, than the one he already had, so he decided to upgrade his newly acquired machine, and sell his older one.

There is a small difference between his original purchase price, and the price he was asking for the machine for sale. However, considering the work, and expense invested in restoring this machine it is an acceptable amount, and does not amount to profiteering.

The staff are satisfied that no attempt at scalping has taken place here, however, at the OPs request, the thread will remain closed for now.