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18th April 2014, 19:06
Good Evening My Fellow Amibayers

I have a mega sale on a big clearout of Atari ST/STE games this evening so if you are looking for some ST games for your collection then look below.

Secret of Monkey Island - Kixx
Cruise for a Corpse - Kixx

10 each + Postage and Packaging

Winning Five - Compliation
Award Winners - Compliation
Midwinter II - Kixx
Maniac Mansion - Kixx
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - Graphic Adventure - Kixx
War in the Gulf
Air Sea Supremacy - Compliation
F19 Stealth Fighter

5 + Postage and Packaging

Fantasy World Dizzy
RVF Honda - Kixx
Tennis Cup 2 - Kixx
Chariots of Wrath
Battlehawks 1942
Prince of Persia - Hit Squad
Lotus 2 - GBH
Ultimate Golf - GBH
Lotus - GBH
James Pond - GBH
F16 Combat Pliot - Action Sixteen
Stunt Car Racer - Kixx
Turbo Out Run

2 Each or 3 for 5 plus postage and packing

Condition of the outers vary from title to title and I have not had a chance to test all of the games.

Thanks for Looking :thumbsup:

18th April 2014, 19:18

Interested in all of them :)

Sending a pm in an hour...


18th April 2014, 19:22
More Images

18th April 2014, 19:26
More Images

19th April 2014, 06:11
I have decided to keep hold of the games at this present time and informed Javidoom and apologised.

Can the mods please close this thread :thumbsup: