View Full Version : Closed CRT TV with manual PAL/NTSC select function

20th April 2014, 19:29
As the title suggests I am in need of a CRT TV which allows you to manually select PAL or NTSC rather than one which auto detects (this part is very important). Can collect from either Greater Manchester area or Cardiff area.

Smallish portable jobby would be best but will consider anything as long as PAL/NTSC is selectable by user



21st April 2014, 19:10
You may want to consider a CCTV monitor. I have a Sony PVM Trinitron monitor here that can accept just about any TV standard I can throw at it and it has SCART and composite in as well; it just doesn't have a TV tuner, is that a serious drawback?

eBay link to a BIN:-


11th June 2014, 19:18
No longer required

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