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12th July 2008, 21:34
I am selling my coveted Blizzard PPC@160/040@25 no SCSI with 40MB of RAM (32MB 60ns + 8MB 70ns).

I have not used a real Amiga for at least 3 years since it was thrown out by my friend's mum who was clearing out stuff i had left in the cupboard and not been able to reclaim! Luckily I still had the hard drives (which work with UAE) and the accelerator card

The clock battery will almost certainly be dead. I also don't have any disks which came with it (were there any?)

I am looking for (hoping for!?) 270, and I will only be charging 6.40 for postage as per Royal mail prices (or you could pick up for free in Glasgow)

13th July 2008, 23:23
Extra info - the Phase5 box it comes in is 24 x 17 x 8 cm, and this would cost 31.14 to ship to EU, insured for 250
If the buyer wanted it in a smaller box it may be cheaper

14th July 2008, 14:38
I'm guessing you're after cash?
Otherwise, how about a swap for a Blizzard 1260 (And an A1200 motherboard with KS3.1 AND a fast IDE controller)?

(Yes, I know I just sold my PPC card... but I want another one now.. lol)

Also sending this in a PM...

14th July 2008, 21:42
very tempting - i would love to see an 060 running!

however, you are right: i need the cash as i just booked a holiday on my credit card, and hope to pay it off in full

i guess the reason i hung on to the ppc for so long was that you cannot emulate it in winuae. but then i realised that apart from a few demos, i only used it for doom and quake, both of which run perfectly well on my pc. and of course, the girlfriend would not allow me to use any more space in our new (much smaller) flat :(

how does alien breed tkg run on that 1260 btw? and does it run in winuae? that is the main thing i am dying to finish playing some day

14th July 2008, 22:56
I dunno really.. I've only ever really played Quake on the 060... but that runs like a charm :D

If you change your mind, send me a PM to let me know :)

15th July 2008, 02:16
ok so i got TKG running under emulation. i can't believe the lighting effects they were using back then! (back in 1996 it took me about 2 weeks to get to where i got tonight in 1 hour!)

so i definitely just want to sell what i have just now. i am also open to close offers, eg 250

16th July 2008, 00:10
just to let everyone know, someone has expressed interest by email. i am just checking out postal insurance to greece, and if everything is ok then hopefully that might be it sold. for anyone interested, i offered to accept 290 of which i would receive 248.80 after shipping and paypal fees

25th July 2008, 01:38
buyer in greece would prefer to receive goods before paying. can anyone suggest a good escrow or cash on delivery service?

otherwise, anyone in the uk interested in buying?

25th July 2008, 15:27
there is no way to make such an arrangement in a different country.... There is no courrier service that I know that will do that...

25th July 2008, 16:32

Hello there :)

a nice PPC you have there for sure! for the wont of the wifie giving me more pocket money.

I will say that before you go through with your sale please bare in mind these guidelines to help AmiBayers

Transacting Money and funds (http://www.amibay.com/faq.php#f11)

The internet can be a dangerous place for money transactions, so for your safety and peace of mind it is recommended that all payment transactions use a verifiable method of payment, e.g. Paypal, Nochex, etc. Although you could send postal orders, etc., if used in conjunction with recorded delivery but please note that postal orders and bank transfers cannot be reclaimed in cases of a dispute.

Transacting Goods (http://www.amibay.com/faq.php#f12)

AmiBay urges you to send goods by a verifiable method, such as Recorded Delivery or courier services such as UPS, Fedex, etc. It is best for both parties to use any postal method that requires a signature at the receiving end, to verify in cases of dispute.

I hope that this helps :)

2nd September 2008, 01:58
i offer 210 included shipping cost to italy ( you can use the smaller box that you want).