View Full Version : For Sale Mac Mini C2D 2.0ghz 4gb Ram 320GB Mavericks ready

1st May 2014, 14:45
As pictured - more pics of it running to follow.

Mac mini c2d early 2009 model. Comes with leopard and snow leopard discs but will run Mavericks.

I will be wiping it back to Snow Leopard so the new owner can use the App Store to get their own licensed Mavericks OS (which is free).

320gb HD, 4Gb Ram boxed with psu, unofficial VGA adapter and a DVI adapter. Case has some marks but generally in good condition.

200 posted UK - down to 185 posted UK.




3rd May 2014, 09:31
Price drop to 185 posted.

3rd May 2014, 10:31
Interested pending a couple of questions (as I'm thinking about it as a media centre):

Any idea how well this will perform with XBMC (either as a windows machine or Mac Os)?
Do you happen to know if it can play 1080p ok?



3rd May 2014, 10:31
Hi expressing interest

Two things: does the DVD drive all work well and please, more pics? (edit: no more pics needed, thanks, i didnt see them on my phone)


3rd May 2014, 11:00
Oh - sorry - also, does it come with the remote control?

3rd May 2014, 15:27
Ok hello people I will answer the questions as best I can

* 1080p playback - sorry not done this before on this machine. I used it for Football Manager :) video editing and as an office desktop. It does run a Nvidia 8400M graphics card so there is a little bit kick of there with the C2D and 4gb RAM might be enough. Probably best to seek answers elsewhere on that like Mac Rumours etc.

* No remote.

* DVD drive was fine the last time I used it. However this weekend I will be reinstalling Snow Leopard cleanly from the DVD so will be testing again.

I will take more pics over the weekend after the clean Snow Leopard install.

5th May 2014, 13:32
Hi Skilgannon, you've left this thread hanging for 2 days, has brookster answered your questions re remote/1080p? My interest still stands if your pending questions were answered.


5th May 2014, 14:12
Apologies guys, I was trying to get more info on whether it would do what I needed it to but everything I've looked at so far isn't definitive therefore I'll need to pass I'm afraid. Over to you Ian.

5th May 2014, 15:22
Thx. Now I re read it, sorry for clumsily worded reply too

cheers will send pm

5th May 2014, 17:57
Now installing snow leopard and updates. DVD drive is fine :)http://img.tapatalk.com/d/14/05/06/epyhy4y9.jpg

5th May 2014, 22:50
and paid! cheers

5th May 2014, 23:08
Payment received, now in bed on the phone but will leave feedback tomorrow and update on posting. Cheers :)

8th May 2014, 17:24
arrived, all is perfect, thanks Mark ! ;)

feedback left too. ):)