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13th July 2008, 01:40
Hi all, i have recently purchased a supradrive 500xp from DoogUK.
It is working fine however it only has a 52mb hard disk drive so i am looking to upgrade it a little.
I am not sure if it has any size limits (not posotive but i believe i read this may be limited based on the amab rom version which i believe is amab4 in mine) and if it does have a size limit could anyone present any info on upgrading the rom?
I am looking for anything 1gb to 4gb max



13th July 2008, 15:38
Hi Mike, just to let you know i tested a 2 gb scsi drive in the xp and it worked fine...hope this helps. :D

1st September 2008, 00:03

Hey all, still looking for one of these.



1st September 2008, 08:10
@ scrappysphinx

One thing I'm doing with my Commodore A590 is adding a SCSI to SCA SCSI adaptor, that way I can use later SCA drives with it. I picked up a 4Gb SCA drive last night from a certain auction site *cough* for 5.99 all in. It's worth considering and the adaptors aren't expensive either.

23rd July 2009, 07:27
Hello, I got two scsi 50 pin disk drives, 1 x 2.1GB (don't remember the model but can take a look) and 1 x 4.3GB QUANTUM FIREBALL 4.3S .

Also got some 9.1GB disk drives IBM and QUANTUM but with 68 pin scsi connector. I connected they to the 50 pin controller using simples 68 -> 50 scsi adapters.

All drives are tested and fully working. Take a look on google for the prices because I don't know :)

23rd July 2009, 08:48
Hi retrobazar and thanks for the offer but i no longer need the drive due to selling the supradrive a long time ago.
Apologies for not updating the thread but i am now so can a mod please close it.



23rd July 2009, 09:04
Thread closed as requested

TC 8)