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10th May 2014, 16:39
A1000 with Golem expansion 2 MB

I have a very nice A1000 for sale. It comes with a rare Golem expansion with 2 MB.

The Amiga has a really good case with only very minor signs of wear here and there, a very little yellowing mainly at the backside. The Golem box looks like new, it still has an untouched seal and was never opened. The Keyboard is the one with the stickers on it, nice condition too, with little yellowing at the front & spacebar. I would say its not easy to find an A1000 in such a nice condition.

I didn’t open the Amiga, I resisted to take a look at the inner cover, I’ll leave that to the buyer. I thought its better to leave it untouched. The fan is running quietly.

The Amiga boots properly with the Kick 1.3 & Worbench 1.3 disks. The LED of the golem box lights up when Kick load is completed, like it should. In workbench, it shows the correct 250000 somewhat memory. I tested several games, and all of them ran without problems.

The A1000 comes with:
- Golem box 2 MB (from what I’ve read on the Net, I think it can be further expanded to up to 8 MB)
- Kick 1.3 and an original Workbench 1.3 disk
- power cord
- RGB/Scart cable (seems like an original one, untested, I tested with another RGB-cable),
- mouse (running slow and having problems with the buttons, you may get another one elsewhere, I just added it because it was the only spare one I have left)
- cover for the side expansion


I’m asking 375,- Euros for the package, plus actual shipping costs. I will ship worldwide. Shipping to germany is 6.90 Euro, to EU is from 21.99 to 33.99 Euro, rest of the world from 34.99 to 58.99 Euro max. That’s for insured packages. I will take payment by wire transfer or paypal.

10th May 2014, 20:55
Price reduce to 375,- Euro plus shipping. Also offering elsewhere.

6th June 2014, 19:11
PM on the way.

4th July 2016, 17:54

Your amiga 1000 has sold ?

4th July 2016, 19:19
As the member was not active since more than two years, maybe you will never get an answer...