View Full Version : Swap things for an 030 card?

18th May 2014, 08:02
Hi all,

bit of a long shot but worth a try,

i need an 030 accelerator with some ram for an A1200, i have a few things i would like to swap for one if possible?

1) Xbox 360 (Jasper i think) Elite, with controllers some games a communicator, never banned never red ringed, used for a couple of hours on a Monday night.
2) Xbox 360 wireless steering wheel and pedals (Microsoft version)
3) Logitech Momo force feedback steering wheel and pedals (rated the 4th best PC wheel, Fanatec is the best followed by Logitech G27 and G25 and then this wheel ) i can included a rough and ready USB 3rd pedal for this which does give you a clutch pedal in Assetto Corsa.

happy to negotiate a deal on these items, mix and match so to speak ;)

cheers, Justin