View Full Version : Sold Boxed Sinclair Magnum Light Phaser gun

18th May 2014, 22:30
Hi guys

I've been dragging myself to car boots lately and along the way I try to keep a look out for anything cheap someone on here might appreciate at cost value. Came across a whole stack of C64 games but he wouldn't shift from a quid a tape! Crazy. So I bought this from someone else. I only paid 1.50 so that's all I'm asking if anyone wants it. I believe it's missing two tapes and the trigger can be a little sticky but might be serviceable.

Postage I think at cost is 3.98 via MyHermes.

I'll give it a week or so and if no one wants it, are we having donation sales at Revival for site hosting? Failing that it's free to anyone for postage or attending Revival.


19th May 2014, 00:28
Interessed!!! PM sent

19th May 2014, 01:15
Replied bud,

19th May 2014, 16:06
Payment done!:D
PM sent with address details! Thanks!

19th May 2014, 16:26
No problem buddy. All packed, off to post :)

3rd June 2014, 12:59
Item recieved today! Very nice package! Will try it out today! Positive feedback left! Thank you Ian!!!