View Full Version : Closed CLOSED: Blizzard MKIV 25pin-D to 50Pin Centronics SCSI Cable

15th July 2008, 17:08
1-2 meter will be more than enough but I'll consider what ever you have available.

I already have the CD Writer in a SCSI Case which is why I need this cable.

I am currently using a Surf Squirrel but want to get rid of it once I have the Blizzard SCSI Adapter. Watch the For Sales once I have one :wink:

15th July 2008, 17:21
Moved to "Other" as I don't think that there is anything Blizzard- or even Amiga-specific about a 25-way D to 50-way Centronics SCSI lead. :)

15th July 2008, 20:30
You know what, I thought these were spec'd for the Blizzard SCSI boards.. I've never seen em until you have said that :oops:

In that case.. Please close as I've just discovered them at a local suppliers for 3 :lol:

My Bad... :oops:

15th July 2008, 20:40
If it looks a bit like this:


then it's a standard lead. I have one for my old PC and big old scanner. 3 sounds good... :)

15th July 2008, 20:43
Thats the spade right there.. Jolly good.. Now to win that there SCSI Add-on :!:

Request Closed