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24th May 2014, 02:07
Tonight I was very sad. Went to try out my 2 new Hucard games in my Turbo Duo but it will not switch on. I tried it back with my Everdrive and the red light on the ED lights up for a second and then dies out as if the power has been cut to the console. I need someone to diagnose and repair the fault, it may be the PSU or the console I do not know.

Secondly I have a GX4000 that has not worked since I bought it. It powers on okay but does not display any output on the TV, again diagnose and fix.

Lastly I have a Snes power supply that has a loose wire at the power pack side, if someone could open it up and sort it out (re-solder maybe?) that would be great.

I'm looking for someone to take on all 3 jobs at once ideally, the snes power supply is the least of my worries.... Turbo Duo is the priority.

Any offers?

24th May 2014, 02:36
Send them on down buddy

TC :)

24th May 2014, 08:44
I can personally vouch for TC's work ..... Top Notch :-)

24th May 2014, 08:56
TC did a quality repair on a NeoGeo of mine AND upgraded my A1000 - I HIGHLY recommended him!

24th May 2014, 12:26
Ah TC has time on his hands :) I will pm you later tonight or tomorrow about it mate (can't really get things moving on a bank holiday weekend any way).

1st June 2014, 21:42
Send them on down buddy
Is your inbox full TC? I messaged you the other day and have not heard back from you.

1st June 2014, 21:53
Sorry buddy, just replied

3rd July 2014, 21:06
These were fixed by TC, thread can be closed.