View Full Version : For Sale Apple Mac Mini 2.0Ghz C2D with extras

24th May 2014, 07:39
Parting with my server machine

Early 2010 Mac Mini 4GB RAM 120GB HDD
19inch Toshiba LCD TV/Monitor, HDMI-MiniDisplayPort Adapter
Mavericks Installed and ready to go
Comes with keyboard and mouse as well

$450 shipped in the USA or Local Pickup from Cadillac Michigan

300 shipped without the LCD TV in the USA, 325 shipped without the LCD TV Worldwide :)

26th May 2014, 06:14
Price Drop for Just the Mini and Keyboard, Mouse 300 Shipped Anywhere in the USA

26th May 2014, 06:27
May I ask if shipping to Europe, Greece, possible? Not really need the keyboard and mouse, so package could be small. Thanks.
Any photos?

26th May 2014, 06:36
PM Sent :)

26th May 2014, 08:43
PM Replied.

Thanks a lot for the photos.

Since this is actually for a friend who is currently after a Mac Mini, I got to ask and confirm if he is still interested. Will get back to you, during the day.

I had to ask if Europe was an option for posting. Since you replied possitive. I will get back to you ASAP. Thanks!

All the best

27th May 2014, 09:16
Checked with friend, he found a machine locally. Thanks a lot for your time.

27th May 2014, 16:50
Price is 325 shipped worldwide

27th May 2014, 17:48
:interested: Can you post some pics please..:thumbsup:

27th May 2014, 20:36

Pics of the mini posted. I bought it and used it as a media server, It happily resided in my rack up until I decided to consolidate everything down to one server instead of 5 power sucking monsters like I was running

28th May 2014, 04:49
I'm going to have to withdraw interest A bill showed up I was not expecting sorry..:(


28th May 2014, 15:07
Still available 325 Shipped Internationally or 300 shipped USA

23rd June 2014, 23:15
c64man has been identified as a known scammer, fraudster and previously banned member AppleIIFan. His sales threads will all be closed, any members involved in a transaction with him are advised to immediately cancel the deal and seek a refund through whatever means are necessary.