View Full Version : Found Amiga 2000 Hard disk (Card and drive)

24th May 2014, 22:22
Hello all.... looking for a basic hard disk solution for my second A2000.

Not wanting anything too extravagant size or speed wise, anything 40mb upwards will be fine, its just for tinkering with the PC bridgeboard without messing with floppies.

It currently has no SCSI card so a card with HD mounted would be ideal.

Only thing I really want is auto boot to workbench so if its the Commodore card would red to be A2090A rather than basic A2090

Thanks, Mat

24th May 2014, 22:54
I should have an Oktagon here...

- - - Updated - - -

Of course, I could include some RAM and a SCSI harddisk, too...

PM sent! :)

24th May 2014, 23:00
Sounds like it would do the job sir... let me know your price if you track it down sir:)

25th May 2014, 09:23
Deal agreed with Blindgerman and payment made, thanks.

25th May 2014, 09:58
Money received, will ship asap...

27th May 2014, 13:11
And shipped...

3rd June 2014, 20:23
Received today, excellent packaging and works perfectly... thank you sir, leaving feedback now.

4th June 2014, 16:17
And feedback left, too! :)

so this can be closed...