View Full Version : Closed Power Supply Unit PSU for AMIGA 1200

18th July 2008, 19:25
I have a Power Supply Unit for the AMIGA 1200, very good condition, it is original, white color and made ( obviously ^^ ) by Commodore :-)

The price is 20 euros plus shipping costs, i do not accept PayPal payment :-)

I live in Italy :-)

18th July 2008, 20:06
WOW whoa HUUUUOPS ? ooops sorry I just had a mental meltdown :lol:

is this picture of original item ? :D

18th July 2008, 20:53
Yes,this is the PSU that i have it, i took this photo from amigakit.com :-)

18th July 2008, 21:49
You shouldn't have done. The attachment facility is provided so that members can upload their own images without having to use a third-party server. Please edit your listing and remove Amigakit.com's image (which is from this page (http://amigakit.leamancomputing.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=39&products_id=199)), or provide proof that you have their permission to upload it here.

18th July 2008, 23:09
Sorry, i thought that saying that i took that photo from amigakit was enough.. as they are not the producer of the PSU ( it was the Commodore )..

Btw sorry.. i remove it immediatly..

18th July 2008, 23:16
Thank you for your cooperation, Nubechecorre. :)

(If you have a digital camera, webcam, or other means of image capture, then you are welcome to upload your own photographs to help your listings.)

18th July 2008, 23:43
Ok thank you :D

9th September 2010, 05:04
Woah this has to be the longest running thread with no sale?!?!