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20th July 2008, 16:38
Hi all,

Does anyone have a working Sega Master System MK1 or MK2 or a MegaDrive with Master System Converter.
I have now acquired 6 Master Systems and cannot get any of them to function. I purchased them from a certain auction site as untested but not one works. However the one i owned that i know worked cause i've had it since i was a kid has now gave up the ghost.
So i am looking for a replacement power base, with or without games/cables.
Anything considered.

Many Thanks


20th July 2008, 16:51
Hiyas Scrappy,

hmmm sounds like a pickle there m8y,

since you have six of them, would you like me to see if i can fix one of them for you?. I wont charge anything but postage and if the job is too complex then i will just post it back.

I suspect that its capacitor based, due to age, so if you want i can give it go m8.

PM me :)

20th July 2008, 16:56
Hi Zetr0, thanks for your kind offer.

I have 2 mk1 consoles and 4 mk2.
I would love one of the mk1's to work but would also be fine with a mk2.
If i'm not being cheeky how would you feel if i sent you a mk1 and a mk2 to have a look at and if you can't get any of them to work then thats just fine but i appreciate your offer to have a look for me.

Many Thanks


20th July 2008, 18:17
sure things scrappy send away, I will do what I can for you :)