View Full Version : Found need a cpc 464 game on 3 inch floppy

7th July 2014, 11:17
i didnt know where to put this...so please forgive me and place in the right area if needed.:)

i need a amstrad cpc464 game,any game please on 3 inch floppy to test a piece of hardware please.

i dont want to buy the game i just want/need to borrow it if its ok for a project to test a ddi 1 interface and fd1 floppy drive.

thanks in advance.

i will pay for shipping both ways,i wont have the game long just a day or so.its just to make sure the drive and power supply works ok.


7th July 2014, 11:30
Hi Roy, happy to help with this, choose a game and I will transfer it to a 3" for you. In fact if its a one sided game pick two, one for each side :)

Send me a PM and we can get something sorted.

7th July 2014, 11:33
great stuff,any game will do its just to test the drive mate!

i'll send you a pm right now.

7th July 2014, 11:39
No problem, will chose a couple of recent remakes then.

7th July 2014, 11:41
thank you very much.

please be sure they work on the 464,thats what im using to test this with.

8th July 2014, 22:22
Posted lunchtime today :)

9th July 2014, 11:43
thanks again for the disk,i dont know if the drive works as of yet but i'll soon find out.

i'll just leave feedback for this as it was very nice of you to do this.

9th July 2014, 13:02
No problem, best of luck with the drive.

11th July 2014, 15:53
ive got this little project working,drive needed repair but alls good :)

thanks again for the disk,it works great.

mods,could you close this please.