View Full Version : Closed Spectrum +3 base unit wanted, trade for Amstrad CPC6128 (original version) base unit

8th July 2014, 12:31
I have an unboxed CPC6128 (original version, non Plus) in good overall condition, some marks to case but not damaged, fully tested and working.

The CPC6128 doesn't have a floppy drive - it was working, but I used it for something else. Much better to use a modified 3.5" floppy drive anyway instead of the 3" drive, or of course if your +3 still has the 3" drive can just remove and keep it.

I would like to trade for a Spectrum +3 (fully working). I don't need a PSU or anything else unless you want to get rid of them :-)

Obviously being an Amstrad you'd need a power supply + SCART lead, not included (various guides on line on how to modify others to work with it, or get one from eBay)

Seems a fairly even trade to me both in specification and value, so hopefully someone is looking for a 6128?

UK deal only please, because the postage would probably be similar to what a CPC / Speccy would cost in the UK