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10th May 2010, 23:48
I live in Canada and I have these games for sale:
Prices in US $ + postage.
Complete with Box and Manual
-Armour Geddon 12 $
-Wiz N Liz 14 $
-Benefactor 16 $
-Brian the Lion 16 $
-Syndicate 14 $
-Black Crypt 12 $
-Space Quest 3 12 $
-CodeName Iceman 12 $
-Mortal Kombat 14 $
-Putty 12 $
-Blade of Destiny 14 $
-Back to the Future 3 12 $
-Theme Park 12 $

Disks Only:
-Lemmings (2 Disks) 8 $
-Hired Guns (5 Disks) 12 $

Also I have PayBack Amiga CD very good condition for 15$.

I'm open to offers..

10th May 2010, 23:50
What is the price on these? There are a couple I would be interested in, but I think you are supposed to list a price for the items you are selling. I could be wrong though..

11th May 2010, 00:03

Please check the AmiBay rules while you have a cup of coffee.

You must state an asking price - which you can add "or near offer" to.

Please amend your posting at your earliest opportunity.

Dave G :cool:

11th May 2010, 04:58
sorry ! I should really read the rules before posting.. I made the update..

11th May 2010, 08:37
Declaring interest in Benefactor...

20th May 2010, 10:21
Declaring interest in Snydicate. Do you accept PayPal?

9th June 2010, 23:14
Hi Eamoe,

Sorry, I didn't came past weeks...
Are you still interested in Syndicate ?

Yes I accept Paypal

I'll be waiting your news

10th June 2010, 00:11
Interested in:

Space Quest 3
Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny
Payback CD

May I have some photos please (what's the condition of them) and the postage costs to Greece?