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12th July 2014, 16:28
SOLD to owen.

More space clearage.

I've tested Robocop, Rastan and Rainbow Islands, Double Dragon 3 and they work, they were the the only 4 I chose to test. Most came from the same chap. Oh, Double Dragon 3 is a Spectrum game but it's in a C64 box for some reason.

Larger pics here: http://jpegbay.com/gallery/003749500-.html#4

10 + postage.


Postage via UPS is 7.99 mainland only - can use Yodel etc if you want it cheaper.
Will need your postcode for final postage cost check.
Can post anywhere but they're heavy.
Payment via PP gift

12th July 2014, 17:25
Postage via UPS is 7.99 mainland only - can use Yodel etc if you want it cheaper.

UK only? or can you sent it to Greece? i know it is a heavy load, but can you ask about shipping cost?
i am interested, but first i would like to know the shipping cost.

12th July 2014, 17:33

12th July 2014, 19:52
Marios, it's 25.79 via UPS. Hope that helps.

12th July 2014, 20:56
Interested next in line :)

If it gets to me can you do UPS shop to shop? (It's hella cheap)

14th July 2014, 08:55
As i thought, shipping cost is a killing machine, almost 3 times up the price of the tapes.
I withdraw my interest, i am sure the tapes will find a good home.

14th July 2014, 09:19
@DojoDan, drop me a PM if it gets to me, I'm 'unplugged' a lot these days so migh miss the post!

14th July 2014, 12:42
Sorry Mario! Owen PM'd.

14th July 2014, 13:15
Pm replied to.

14th July 2014, 19:56
Holding for a couple of days for owen.

17th July 2014, 17:39
Sold to Owen.