View Full Version : Closed Sinclair ZX Spectrum 128K Plus (Toastrack) Boxed

20th July 2014, 10:28
The Spectrum is in excellent condition. All keys work as it should and I have loaded Super Test to check that everything is fine. Sound works fine as well. I will also include an RGB to Scart cable..Bought from UK at GBP12.

The packages comes complete with the following ;

2. Inner polysterine
3. ZX Spectrum 128K Plus
4. Power Supply (220V)
5. RGB to Scart Cable
6. Audio Cassette cable
7. Daley Thompson Super Test, Never Ending Story, Horizon Cassette(Dutch)
8. Spectrum 128 Introduction Manual and Spectrum User Guide
9. DK Tronics Dual Joystick Interphase (Not Tested)

***Please note that Cassette Player NOT INCLUDED..This is used on my Spectrum 48K..Used only to test a game.

I will let it go for GBP210 plus Paypal gift....

I will Ship to England only..Shipping is GBP31 tracked..

Package is ready to be delivered.

Thanks for looking :)