View Full Version : For Sale Macbook Pro 2014 13" inch Retina (New) (US model)

21st July 2014, 12:29
Hi there,

This was a gift because my brother went to the US. Since the new Retinas cannot be upgraded I have no interest in it so I am selling it, sparkling brand new. I've only opened it to see that is powers on. That's all



Asking for 820. Bank Transfer or Paypal (gift or +4%)

Shipping is extra. I have no idea what it would cost (located in central London) but I am more than happy to work this out for you. It will be sent fully insured.

Pictures upon request but like I said it's brand new. Also comes with a universal travel adapter by Apple (official) and a luxury carry case


22nd July 2014, 17:14
If this was a 15" I would have been up for trades. I have a sup'ed up 13" 2012 model which is only 11 months old and I'm looking to upgrade to a 15" model for 3d graphics work.

If anything comes to mind, please check out my thread here:

Otherwise, best of luck with the sale! :thumbsup:

8th August 2014, 23:28
Expressing interest after all. You have PM.

- - - Updated - - -

P.S wouldn't mind some pictures and further details of the spec. A picture of the label on the side of the box should be fine for a spec detailing. :)

10th August 2014, 00:01
Anyone know if Apple would honour the Warranty on this?

12th August 2014, 05:00
No response. Anyone seen him online lately? :unsure:

12th August 2014, 09:26
No response. Anyone seen him online lately? :unsure:

If you look at a users profile it will tell you when they were last on line. In this case it was the 10th August.

12th August 2014, 11:32
Anyone know if Apple would honour the Warranty on this?
UNfortunately nope, unless he has added Applecare. Applecare would work worldwide but not the standard factory warranty. It must be sent back to USA in case anything happens.

13th August 2014, 01:01
Thanks guys. Found one now anyway. :thumbsup: