View Full Version : For Sale Micronik PSU connectors

23rd July 2014, 11:22
I have about 10 connectors (for Micronik Towers and Busboards) which I do not need. Let me know if you want some.

Price 5 EUR per one connector + pins. For EU the postage (not tracked) and envelope is included in the price.

23rd July 2014, 12:33
Hello mate,
can you post a picture of what you are selling? I bought from you something similar a few months ago...

23rd July 2014, 13:36
Yes it is the same connector I sold to you. I made few adapters for my usage (AT P8/P9 to Micronik interface) and the rest of connectors I dont need. I will post photos in the evening once I am back home.

8th August 2016, 22:51
Interested in one if still available.
PM sent.