View Full Version : Closed Want A600 accelerator

23rd July 2008, 18:35
Hi :)

I want an Accelerator for A600
020 or 030

Thanks :)

24th July 2008, 16:37
me too. but to be honest, it'll probably be quicker, cheaper, and easier to design and build one yourself... :( or at least thats the conclusion i'm comming to.
there is a project from a dude in russia to put 4/8Mb fast ram into the A600, with possibly using that board design as the basis for an A600 030 acceleretor, but it looks like a case of wait and see... good luck anyway :)

24th July 2008, 19:10
or put an a1200 board in there and get aga 020@14mhz 2mb chip ram

24th July 2008, 22:01
rkauer and Zetr0 are working on an A600 accelerator project over at EAB, I'd keep an eye on that project if I were you.