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28th July 2014, 16:44
Good evening amibayers,

This evening I am in search of an Ipod guru.

My Ipod Nano 2nd generation is totally dead - i have had a new battery soldered in and it worked for 10 mins or so but the components on the main board became hot as soon as the new battery was installed and within 15 mins the Ipod was dead again. A new battery fitted resulted in the same problem. So I am wondering if there is a regulator on the mainboard which controls the battery which is drawing too much power? Certainly there must be a fault on the mainboard.

Is there a guru I can send this to for repair ? Or any recommendations? I was thinking BadAd84 but he doesn't seem here very often these days? A very small 00 gauge crosshead screw driver is needed

(Incidentally i have tried all the soft and hard resets recommended by Apple - this looks like a hardware fault)

Hmmm help? :sos

12th August 2014, 20:33
Sometimes we have to accept that some things are beyond help. I will keep the ipod as spares.

Can a passing mod close off this request ?

12th August 2014, 20:38
It could just be the batteries buddy. I have an iPhone 4 here that had a battery that only lasts about 30 minutes. I bought about 6 different batteries from different sellers on ebay and all of them did the same thing. They all allowed the phone to start but got very warm very quickly and then the phone would restart and sit on the iTunes logo. If i put the original battery back in it starts up again but only lasts for 20-30 minutes.

12th August 2014, 23:05
Ah thanks scrappy, I was getting my dad to solder the batteries in place, it took all my bargaining powers to get him to do it again for the second battery. He used the argument "to keep attempting to fix the same problem with the same failed result is one of the definitions of madness" :lol:

That was 2 different suppliers of ipod batteries I tried- but I agree I don't have much confidence in the replacement batteries.

Anyways I got my dad re-capping an a1200 motherboard instead (in his words "tedious")

Whenever I visit my parents (ony a few times a year) I always manage to bring some electrical jobs for my dad to do :D

But yes, this ipod I just keep for spares