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31st July 2014, 02:20
Hi, up for sale :

2 x ZX Spectrum +2a. They were both tested with tapes and Divide 2k11 without a problem. If requested i can send pictures of them working.

1 with English keyboard - ***** Sold to marakatti *****. Money recieved and already sent. (http://www.amibay.com/member.php?11236-marakatti)
1 with Spanish Keyboard. Roms can be in English or Spanish - ***** Sold to Archimedes. Money recieved. Will be shipped 13th October *****

Asking Price €60 with shipping included for each ( x 2 ). Payment through Paypal, buyer pays fees.

Best regards,
Pedro Torres

31st July 2014, 02:31
Declaring interest for the one with spanish keyboard. That shipping included is worldwide, right? :)


3rd August 2014, 02:54
...Still waiting for amigo_mexicano.

6th August 2014, 09:56
1 x ZX Spectrum 128k +2a with Spanish Keyboard - Reserved till the end of the Month to amigo_mexicano.

1 x ZX Spectrum 128k +2a with English Keyboard - Offers accepted, possibility of trade. State interest first and send PM with questions.

24th September 2014, 01:12
...Still for sale...

24th September 2014, 20:17
Hi, I'm interested in the English keyboard version. Will send you PM as soon as forum allows it! I'm located in Finland.

25th September 2014, 11:23
Payment sent.

2nd October 2014, 18:35
item sent to marakatti, payment recieved (http://www.amibay.com/member.php?11236-marakatti).

One more available, with Spanish keyboard , Rom's can be in Spanish or English

8th October 2014, 11:13
I'll have the remaining Speccy with English ROM if still available. Is it ?

10th October 2014, 18:40
Item received in excellent condition :) Many thanks!

13th October 2014, 10:19
Item shipped to Archimedes, tracking info sent