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31st July 2014, 17:42
phase5 Cybervision 64/3D with Scandoubler


- S3 ViRGE (PCI bus)
- 4MB 64 bit pages mode DRAM 60 ns
- auto-sesnsing Zorro2 or Zorro3 (suitable for all Amiga models with Zorro slots)
- 64 bit blitter
- pixel clock 135 MHz (8 bit), 80 MHz (16 bit), 50MHz (32 bit)
- 25 MHz local PCI bus
- supported by CyberGraphX V3, V4, Picasso 96

Scandoubler specification:

- scandoubler doubles native Amiga 15 kHz modes to 31 kHz
- connects to the video slot in one line with Cybervision
- works only in AGA video slot (otherwise it is passtrough only)
- connects with Cybervision using small ribbon cable, input & output is set by jumpers (allows multimonitor use, or direct all outputs to one multisynch monitor)


... soon

Price: 290 EUR + Paypal fees + Shipping

31st July 2014, 18:20
Interest declared

PM Sent pending shipping cost and some pictures! :D

31st July 2014, 19:11
Next in line

31st July 2014, 19:39
Declaring interest, taking my place in the line :).

31st July 2014, 19:53
Next in line :-)

31st July 2014, 22:17
Pending Paypal account info from the seller.

We have a deal, so the item is Sold

I'm in luck this day! :lol:

1st August 2014, 00:00
Money sent waiting the shipping

15th August 2014, 22:51
Card recieved very well packed

Positive feedback will follow