View Full Version : Request Two CD32 pads need looking at

1st August 2014, 17:12
I've got two CD32 pads which are not working. One just seems dead can't get anything out of it, it could be the fact the wires are exposed close to the pad so it might not be getting power or something. The other one, left and down work every now and then but nothing else is registering.

Willing to pay a reasonable fee for services rendered, to be discussed.

12th August 2014, 19:01
just posting here as im fixing these for acid.

already discussed the details of the repair of these in detail when they arrived in private and what needs doing to them to bring them back to life.

just got to test them a bit more after fixing them, then they can go back...

12th August 2014, 19:58
I forgot about this wanted request, yes it indeed has been filled by Roy. He's done an awesome job and saved them both for me :)

12th August 2014, 22:04
This is why i'm a proud member of Amibay, great result.

13th August 2014, 17:16
these are done the best they are going to get now(both fully working as far as i can tell),just got to organize sending them back.

14th August 2014, 07:44
im sending these to acid this morning.

please let me know if there is any problems whatsoever when they arrive.:)